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I've been playing with fountain pens lately* and have gotten around to inks. Namely, the cleaning and refilling thereof.

I've mostly been using the Platinum Preppy because they're as cheap and disposable as they come with fountain pens... and really, really good. More comfortable than the other fountain pens I've picked up and the cartridge ink, at least, is thus far the only fountain pen ink I've tried that doesn't bleed through the page. Which will defeat the point in having fountain pens if I'm stuck with the plain cartridges anyway and can't use the pretty bottled inks because they all ooze through the paper.

I digress.

So I bought another Preppy plus a converter to mess around with.

I don't know if I'm just incompetent or if the open barrel sucks up ink when you stick the pen into the bottle, but I got ink everywhere last night and this morning my hands are still covered in green splotches from a blue-black ink. There are nifty tie-dyed-looking paper towels on my desk where I tried blotting everything up. Good thing my desk is glass and nonabsorbent, unlike my skin and my carpet....

*They're fun, and making me think more seriously about practicing my handwriting. I'd like to say "and helping me learn to hold a pen properly" but much like typing properly, that's a lost cause. I learned to do these things long before school deemed me ready for it so I spent years in "penmanship" classes trying to break me of being a hook-handed writer. Without offering me any other appropriate left-handed writing techniques. No wonder I never took to it.

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