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I really should update more, but I get trapped in that place of thinking that I have nothing worthwhile to say and that there's little in my real life that I should talk about (because either I try to keep real life separate or because I worry it's boring). Or, mostly, I write blog posts and work and then forget to post them when I get home. OOPS. Unless you really want The Pen Story.

But I have news.

I GOT A NEW JOB! I got a damn good job, from what it looks like, in a rather unexpected (but unsurprising) field. My experience in medicine has garnered more interest from employers than anything else I've done--regardless of what those employers actually do. Nearly everyone's asked if I can read medical records. "I do that all day." "Oh good, so you're not squeamish?" "...Hmmm, I want to tell you the turkey-tumor story but instead I'll tell you that I've done a lot of eye cases, that's pretty squidgy, if not as hilarious as the turkey-tumor." Growing up with doctors will warp your sense of what makes other people squeamish.

It also means I have to move. I've applied to jobs all over, got really excited for some of the ones out west. I'd love to move to Utah and be able to go hiking through the mountains every weekend. Well, turned out the job is a couple counties north of where I am now--still in Florida, so all the trouble of moving but none of the new, exciting possibilities of somewhere different. Except the town looks very cute and beachy, and very "Florida" in a way that Miami isn't, so I am super excited about moving. Sad to be leaving my condo of perfect perfection, but happy about a new place that looks like it may be a little more my speed.


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