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I’ve seen a couple mentions of converting a Sailor Clear Candy to an eyedropper pen, but I haven’t seen anyone actually do it. So here is my contribution to the world of fountain pens: I have converted a Clear Candy to an eyedropper.

I already have another and I really do like this pen from among the under $20 selection. At $16.50, it’s just inexpensive enough where I have no qualms potentially butchering one.

The cap at the bottom of the barrel means that the pen isn’t watertight, and I’ve heard people mention superglue as a potential means of sealing it. I just so happened to have aquarium silicone, which is meant to seal water in/out and adhere to things, so I used that. It went pretty well except I smeared a bit inside the barrel, where it will be forever. Oops.

A little bit of silicone grease on the threads and I’d made the seal and tada! Eyedropper conversion. If you use an o-ring you can’t screw the cap back on, and I don’t see any leakage problems anyway.

If you’ll notice, the ink does seem to dribble out the nib if you turn the pen upside down (I did for about 5 minutes to get it to start based on my experience with some Noodler’s eyedroppers). I’m not sure if this is a Clear Candy thing or if it’s part of being an eyedropper, as my other Sailor is opaque. There’s no further dribbling from the nib and after a week of use this has been a very well-behaved pen overall.

A+ would recommend converting if you’re the sort that likes eyedropper pens.


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